Nationwide QEI certified 

Depending on local jurisdiction, Allstar Consulting Group can provide its services anywhere in the country. We can provide site visits as well as VoIP meetings. Schedule your free consulting call and see how an Allstar Consultant can help your company 1(888)211-4790.

Elevator & Escalator Modernization

Allstar brings the right team of professionals and technicians to determine the current state of your equipment and the required steps to bring that equipment to the level of performance you desire. We know how to properly write specifications and bid documents so that you get the most competitive proposals for your project. All of our bid documents are reviewed by an engineer experienced in the competitive bidding process.

Maintenance Evaluations

Allstar will provide you with factual and unbiased assessments of your current maintenance regime. Our reports are written so that actionable steps can be taken to improve the longevity of your equipment. 

Equipment Audits

Allstar provides the most informative equipment audits utilizing the most experienced mechanics and elevator professionals. We provide reports written in plain and informative language that you can use in your decision making processes.