NYC Dept. Of Buildings Elevator Code Requirements for Door Lock Monitoring

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 RE: NYC Dept. Of Buildings Elevator Code Requirements for Door Lock Monitoring

3.10.12    Is a system that monitors and prevents automatic operation of passenger and freight elevators with faulty door contact circuits. (Compliance Date: 1/1/2020).

     The NYC Department of Buildings can impose substantial penalties and possibly cease use elevators that do not comply with these rules by the effective date.

     Permits will need to be filed, material will need to be ordered, technicians will need to be scheduled, and your elevator will be out of service for the period of time it takes to install, inspect, and sign off on this equipment.

     In some cases, your equipment may not be able to accept the products needed to retrofit and comply with this new code. Modernization of your elevator controller may be your only option. Contact your Elevator Company as soon as possible to determine what course of action is needed for your particular equipment. The time to install could take a few days for newer controllers, to several months if modernization is needed. Allstar Consulting Group can assist with material and cost estimates, as well as elevator contractor proposal review.

    Once started, your elevator cannot be put back into service until this work is completed, tested and then signed off. Initially, only NYC DOB inspectors could test and sign off on this work. As of June of this year (2018), elevator inspections agencies like ours, have been authorized to witness these inspections.

    A large portion of the over 70,000 elevator devices in the City of New York have not been fitted with this equipment, and it will be first come first served to get this done.


  We are recommending that our clients be pro-active and not wait until the compliance dates are close, since ordering materials and scheduling this work could cause delays and non-compliance penalties.


Our firm can offer: Proposal review, Final sign off and testing,  Project Monitoring(Which includes the proposal review and final sign off), as well as an analysis of the equipment for modernization.

Allstar does not provide proposals for installing equipment.
Your elevator company is able to give you a proposal for any services needed for DLM.  Your monthly elevator service company should have the information about your exact elevator equipment, and how code compliance can be achieved. Allstar is able to get involved after your elevator company provides a proposal. and we can confirm you are receiving fair pricing. Allstar can also final the elevator inspection with your elevator company after they perform the installation. 

As a reference, any elevator installed under the 2000 code should have the provisions for door lock monitoring already (with some exceptions), and anything installed under earlier codes will likely need to be retrofitted to be code compliant. 
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